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We will post any updates of our group here. Welcome to follow us!

8/14/2014 Jong Hoon Shin & YeonJoo Jeong joined the group. Welcome Jong Hoon and YeonJoo!
8/13/2013 Press coverage of the SALLA project

8/13/2013 Press coverage of Crossbar Inc

9/6/2013 Fuxi Cai joined the group. Welcome Fuxi!

6/4/2013 Dr. Sungho Kim joined the group. Welcome Dr. Kim!

11/12/2012 Wei gave an invited talk on neuromorphic computing based on memristors at the Memco Workshop in Frejus, France.

11/12/2012 Ting successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Chang!

10/12/2012 Jihang Lee joined the group. Welcome Jihang!

10/12/2012 Dr. Lifeng Liu joined the group from Peking University as a visiting scholar. Welcome Lifeng!

10/12/2012 Wei gave an invited talk on resistive memory at the IEEE Nonvolatile Memory Symposium (NVMTS) in Singapore.

9/12/2012 Wen Ma joined the group. Welcome Wen!

8/12/2012 John, Ze and Yishu finished their summer internships.

8/12/2012 Wei organized the Device session for the 3rd Memristor and Memristive Systems Symposium in Torino, Italy.

8/12/2012 Wei gave an invited talk at the IBM MRC Workshop on New Computation Paradigms in Zurich, Swissland.

6/12/2012 Ting gave a presentation at the Nature Conference in Aachen, Germany.

6/12/2012 Wei gave an invited kickoff talk for the Nanosession Logic Devices at the Nature Conference in Aachen, Germany.

5/12/2012 Ugo Otuonye joined the group. Welcome Ugo!

5/12/2012 Wayne successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Fung!

4/12/2012 Wei attended the ITRS ERD meeting and chaired a session on select devices for Emerging Memory Devices in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

4/12/2012 Ting and Wayne gave presentations at the MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco.

4/12/2012 Wei gave an invited talk on resistive memory at the MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco.

3/12/2012 Yuchao’s paper on TEM studies of filament growth dynamics published in Nature Communications. Congratulations Yuchao!

2/12/2012 Wei gave an invited talk on emerging memories at the ITRS meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

1/12/2012 Kuk-Hwan’s paper on hybrid integration of memristor arrays with CMOS circuits for functional memory and logic applications published in Nano Letters. Congratulations Kuk-Hwan!

12/11/2011 Dr. Taeho Moon joined the group. Welcome!

10/11/2011 Kuk-Hwan successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kim!

9/11/2011 Ting and Jo’s paper on biology-mimicking, memory loss and memory enhancement effects in nanoscale memristor devices published in ACS Nano.

9/11/2011 Wayne and Lin’s paper on high performance germanium/silicon vertical nanowire tunnel diodes published in Applied Physics Letters.

8/11/2011 Emily and Josh finished their undergraduate projects.

8/11/2011 Chao Du and Jiantao Zhou joined the group. Welcome!

7/11/2011 Patrick and Kuk-Hwan’s paper on RRAM/memristor device and SPICE modeling published in Nanoscale.

6/11/2011 REU student Emily Griffin (Case Western Reserve University) and undergraduate Josh Holt (William and Mary) joined the group. Welcome!

5/11/2011 Wei received tenure at UM and became Associate Professor.

2/11/2011 Ting and Jo’s paper on the synaptic behaviors and modeling of WOx memristors published in the special issue on memristors of Applied Physics A.

1/11/2011 Seok-Youl and Wayne’s paper on Al-catalyzed Si nanowires published in Applied Physics Letters.

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